All-in-one flue gas solutions for bakeries

Why is heat recovery in bakeries reasonable?

There is hardly any other trade or industrial sector that requires more energy than bakeries, both for reaching the required operating temperature and for ensuring the production process.

  • Both the hot flue gases of the ovens and the fumes contain massive amounts of energy.
  • Without heat recovery the fumes and flue gases escape directly into the surroundings.
  • Our heat recovery systems allow you to recover about 10 % of the burner output from the ovens’ flue gases. In addition, you can recover an additional 10—15 % by installing a vapour condenser.

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Waste Gas Heat Exchanger and Vapour Condenser

Some of our constructions:
Above roof mounting
of waste gas heat exchangers
Waste gas heat exchanger
for multiple-hearth furnace and rack ovens
Waste gas heat exchanger
for multiple-hearth furnace
Electronic control unit type TJ-HRC
for charging pumps and other functions
Vapour condenser
for a continuous furnace
Vapour condenser