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Energy saving and CO2 reduction for

How can energy be saved?

Heat recovery is about consistently using the thermal energy of waste heat. The waste gas heat exchanger transfers the heat of the flue gases to the water that runs through the register of the heat exchanger. This process heats up the water and cools down the flue gas. The heat that has been recovered this way can then be used for other purposes.

How can the recovered heat be used?

Usage Winter Summer
Heating adjoining buildings
Heating production sites
Air curtain system
Air heating
Heating fermenting rooms
Preheating feed water
Preheating production water
Domestic hot water
High-temperature water e.g. for washing bays
Cleaning water
Absorption chillers
Sales/energy contracting
ORC technology

Waste Gas Heat Exchanger and Air Heaters

Some of our constructions:
Waste gas heat exchanger
with internal bypass on microgasturbine
Waste gas heat exchanger
with internal bypass for thermal afterburning system
Waste gas heat exchanger
for high temperatures (1000°C)
Compressed air heater,
powered by the waste gas of the diesel engines
Waste gas heat exchanger
for biogas plants (landfill gas)
Air heater for medical applications