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Only 6 steps to a heat recovery system

From planning and design to production and installation to after-sales service
we support you during all phases of the project.


High energy prices lead to higher production costs. With NET you can reduce your energy costs considerably by recovering heat. Our expertise includes everything from the boiler connection to the flue gas tract and the chimney outlet.

Flue Gas Measurement

We provide precise volume flow measurements that very accurately show the extent of the flue gas volume in relation to the temperature and the cross-section of the flue gas system.

Concept Development

We create an individual concept for heat recovery in consideration of operational safety and efficiency. The design and construction of the heat exchangers are customized for your system and your requirements. All necessary components of the flue gas tract are combined into one system. This means that you can avoid sources of error in all phases of the project!


Our heat exchangers are exclusively manufactured in Germany according to the Pressure-Equipment Directive and made of high-quality stainless-steel. The standard materials are: 1.4404, 1.4571.
If the demands are especially high, we use materials with the alloy 1.4539 and 1.4828.


With our comprehensive network of installation partners, we offer you the opportunity to have your system installed anywhere in Germany and neighbouring countries. We also guarantee that the technical rules, standards and laws are followed at all times.

After-Sales Service

Be it full service, maintenance, inspections, repairs or special services — our expert staff is happy to take care of all of your requests concerning your heat recovery system all around the clock!