The Raab Group

NET — Kutzner + Weber — Raab

We are your competent partner for technical system solution from one source.

NET has been working in development, construction, production and service of heat recovery systems for more than 20 years. Individually designed solutions guarantee considerable savings of energy costs and contribute to reducing greenhouse gasses.

Raab manufactures exclusively in Germany and produces stainless-steel flue gas systems and light-weight chimneys for industrial, commercial and residential construction. State-ofthe-art production plants manufacture flue gas systems for all ranges of application that are sold all across Europe.

Kutzner + Weber offers high-quality components for flue gas technology. Due to its dedication to innovation, the company has become one of the leading partners in the European heating industry.

The Raab Group is the only full-range supplier in the field of flue gas technology for heat generators, from supply air to the fireplace, from connection pipes to chimney outlets and more. The symbiosis of the strong brands allows us to supply technological system solutions and provide our customers with worldwide realisations of major turnkey projects from one source. Our systems are harmonized perfectly and cover everything from safety to equipment efficiency and emission reduction.

Raab System Solutions — everything from one source